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Four international webinar were held by the NSRC in ISM2021

In continuation of the educational and promotional activities of the National Salinity Research Center (NSRC) on haloculture, the NSRC is holding a series of international webinars on Integrated Salinity Management (ISM) with the presence of Iranian and foreign experts in English. The ISM webinar series in 2021 included four virtual workshops about quinoa, salicornia, evolutionary plant breeding under stress and soil salinity mapping. The title of these webinars follow:

1. Quinoa research and extension for marginal environment of MENA region (October 6, 2021), Focal person: Dr. M. Salehi

2. Potentials of salicornia; forage production and value chain in coastal areas (October 25, 2021), Focal person: Dr. G.H. Ranjbar

3. Production stability in stressful environments through evolutionary plant breeding (November 29, 2021), Focal person: Dr. H. Pirasteh-Anosheh

4. Machine learning to map and monitor soil salinity (December 4, 2021), Focal person: Dr. Y. Hahsheminejad

In general, four held webinars included 20 lectures in 12 hours. The international speakers were renowned scientists in their respective fields from the world's top institutions and universities, including the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kenya. A total of about 300 people from all over the world from India in the east to Peru in the west participated in these webinars.

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