Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Faculty members of NSRC gave speeches in different international conferences worldwide

Dr. Hadi Pirasteh-Anosheh participated in “2nd Conference on Plants, Abiotic Stresses and Economy: Scenario and Strategies Worldwide” organized by Government College University Faisalabad of Pakistan. He was co-chairman in the second session and gave a speech at the conference entitled “halophytes: potential sources of forage for the future climate change”. The Chairman of this session was Professor Xiong Youcai from Lanzhou University, China. He also participated in “Plant Productivity and Food Safety: Soil Science, Microbiology, Agricultural Genetics and Food Quality” organized by Nicolaus Copernicus University of Poland on September 16, 2021. His lecture was the use of high saline water and soil resources entitled: “biosaline agriculture: A system for rereading environmental resources” presented as a keynote speech in session VI.

Dr Amir Parnian presented the two papers in “RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2021” which was held from August 31- September 3, 2021. His titles were “establishing water purification plantations - connotations on socioeconomic and ecosystem structure and competitive bioaccumulation of heavy metals by Ceratopyllum demursum L.”, which presented as oral in the session Conf1210: the Good, Bad and Ugly of Extreme Geographical Borders. He also gave three speeches on the “Basel & Stockholm Conventions Regional Centre for Southwest Asia in Iran”. His papers were “highly petroleum contaminated soil bioremediation and rehabilitation”, “oil and gas drilling waste management based on bioremediation and solar desalination of the rest effluents” and “water out of waste – solar-desalination-humidification-dehumidification auxiliaries processing extractive industrial operations”.

Dr Yousef Hasheminejhad will talk in the “Global Symposium on Salt-Affected Soils” (GSAS21), which will be held by FAO during 20-22 October 2021. The subject of Dr. Hasheminejhad`s talk is “haloculture for hyper-saline drain water reuse and combating dust prone regions” which is presented in the fourth session: testimonies from the field - good practices to manage salt-affected soils.

Dr. Gholamhassan Ranjbar, another Faculty member of the NSRC will participate in the GSAS21. His paper title is “biomass comparison of Salicornia sinus-persica and S. bigelovii under irrigation with seawater”.

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